International Recruit

UCH welcomes international students to register. A certain number of fellowship opportunities will be offered for well-qualified applicants. The degree program, exchange program, and internship program are three main types of program at UCH.










College of Electrical Engineering and ComputerScience電資學院

Department of Electronic Engineering/電子工程系


├Department of Electronic Engineering Section of Informational Application/電子工程系應用資訊組



├Department of Electronic Engineering Section of Photoelectricity Application/電子工程系光電應用組



Department of Electrical Engineering/電機工程系


├Department of Electrical Engineering-Green Energy Group/電機工程系綠色能源組



Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering/資訊工程系


├Network Technology Program in Computer Science and Information Engineering/資訊工程系網路技術組



College of Engineering/工程學院

Department of Mechanical Engineering/機械工程系


├Department of Mechanical Engineering Section of Vehicle/機械工程系車輛組



Department of Civil Engineering/土木工程系



├Institute of Geomatics and Disaster Prevention Technology/土木工程系空間資訊與防災科技碩士班



Department of Applied Geomatics/應用空間資訊系



Program of Materials Engineering and Manufacturing Technology/材料製造科技學位學程



College of Business and Management商管學院

Department of Industrial Management/工業管理系



├Department of Industrial Management, Service Management Division/工業管理系服務管理組



├Department of Industrial Management, IT Applications Division/工業管理系資訊應用組



Department of Business Administration/企業管理系

Department of Information Management/資訊管理系

├Department of Information Management Section of Multimedia Applications/資訊管理系多媒體應用組



Department of Marketing and Distribution Management/行銷與流通管理系



Department of Finance/財務金融系



├Department of Finance Section of Investment/財務金融系投資理財組



├Department of Finance Section of Financial Management/財務金融系金融管理組



College of Human Ecology and Creativity民生創意學院

Department of International Business/國際企業經營系



├Department of International Business Section of Aviation Services and Marketing Planning/國際企業經營系航空服務與行銷企劃組



├Department of International Business Section of Tourism Marketing and Leisure Management/國際企業經營系觀光行銷與休閒管理組



Department of Hospitality Management/餐旅管理系



├Department of Hospitality Management Section of Hospitality Planning and Design/餐旅管理系餐旅規劃與設計組



Department of Property Management/物業經營與管理系



├Department of Property Management Section of Interior Design/物業經營與管理系室內設計組



Department of Digital Multimedia Design/數位多媒體設計系



Department of Applied Foreign Languages/應用外語系